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What a Contract Should Be If the Mob Weren't Keep'n dis Site Down With a Break Beats Monopoly: UPEP 6 Contract Provisions 6-07-09.zip

Songs shouldn't cost a dollar a piece but 2-5 cents of an american dollar, with 10 minutes of freesytle'n for a cent! But if you had the Standard Revenue contract, you'd be making as much as any equal star would make with the official recording industry which gives money to money changers not artist's and people grading other artists through online voting at a decently priced website. Think of the population of our planet: Earth!

All techno songs are owned by the mob so they ain't no way this website is going up with songs to download until there is an E-Democratic Revolution cause they will just sue us if it sound like anything remotely like the consortium and even songs entirely different from a famous artist now will not be usable until artists own their own music and have pull out contract clauses which would stop the break beats monopoly!